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The Optex Sequad PIR Detectors…Uniquely Confirm Activations With Two Independent PIRs.

The New Optex SeQuad PIR Detectors

Optex Europe Ltd. is a leading global manufacturer of Infrared Detection Devices and has over 25 years experience in this field. The company specialises in the production of both Active and Passive infrared detectors for intruder and event driven CCTV applications.

Their new Super Sequad Sequential Confirmation PIR Detectors are unique in that they contain two independent detectors inside one housing and also incorporate Optex’s patented double conductive shielding. This shield covering the two PIR’s gives greater stability against extreme sunlight and provides even greater RFI immunity.

The two PIR alarm sensors provide two non-overlapping coverage patterns and two independent alarm outputs, giving the unit the ability to create reliable sequentially confirmed activations in accordance with DD243:2004.

The SeQuad PIRs should be mounted in the corner of a room, with one of the PIR detectors providing side zone coverage along each of the two walls, whilst the other covers the central area.

An intruder opening a door or window generates an alarm in one of the side zones and then when they enter the room a sequentially confirmed activation is provided in the form of a second alarm in the central zone. This patent-pending technology, which enables the coverage patterns to remain separate, is termed ‘Separate Double-Area Configuration’ and is unique to Optex.

So there is now no need to install two separate units, or replace the existing wiring, thus saving time and installation costs.

Key Benefits of the Optex SQ-40/60 Super SeQuad:- 

  • The PIR detector is DD243:2004 compliant.
  • Uses proven PIR technology for proven reliability.
  • Sequential confirmation is one of the most reliable methods of providing confirmed activations.
  • The two detection areas of the SeQuad do not overlap – as required by UK ACPO policy.
  • An existing non-confirmed alarm system can be upgraded to be sequentially confirmed using the original cabling.
  • Each SeQuad only requires one cable run.


  • Separate double area configuration.
  • Patented quad zone logic.
  • Advanced temperature compensation.
  • Noise reduction processing.
  • Spherical lens design.
  • Sealed optics.

There are four products in the SeQuad range, all providing wide-angle 85° coverage – the SQ-40/SP (with double conductive shielding) and the SQ-60/SP with 12m x 12m and 18m x 18m coverage respectively.

All of the units incorporate other Optex-patented technologies, which improve performance and reduce false alarms. A five-year warranty is standard and in common with all Optex detectors, every unit is 100% factory tested before despatch.

Further information is available on the Optex web site:-

www.optexeurope.com The Bosch Blue Line Detectors…Provide Optimum Performance

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