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Personal Alarms…Can Help You Feel More Confident, Safe and Secure.

Personal Alarms

Street crime is increasing in large cities and also becoming more prevalent in rural areas. Detailed media coverage of incidents, increases fear in the population that it may happen to them.

However the probability of being attacked in our everyday lives is much lower than you might think. Personal alarms can help you to feel more confident, safe and secure. 

The purpose of personal alarms is to surprise and confuse the attacker, by emitting a loud shrill sound giving you a chance to escape, also to draw the immediate attention of anyone in the vicinity, that someone is in trouble and needs assistance.

Always carry it somewhere you can access it quickly, not at the bottom of a handbag or briefcase.

Any assailant or robber is afraid of drawing too much attention to themselves. They count on surprise and frightening their victims into submission with little or no sound. Any noise must be easily and quickly stopped.

Personal Alarms UK There is a wide choice of alarms on the market, knowing which one to purchase can be difficult.

The main elements to look for are: –

  • The sound must be very loud and continuous enough to shock and disorientate the attacker. At least a 138-decibel sound output is recommended. (should be heard up to half a mile away)
  • It must be easy to use in an emergency, having a simple method of activation, which suits you.
  • Easy to carry, not so small that it can’t sustain the alarm for long, or difficult to find in your handbag.
  • Test and maintain your alarm regularly- remember to hold it well away from you.
  • Check that quality standards meet all relevant UK and EC directives, regulations and environmental guidelines

 Types of Personal Attack Alarms

There is a variety of alarms available at very reasonable prices, including gas-operated cylinders, battery powered devices and even key fobs.

Gas Alarms give out a sound which is very loud, continuous and shrill and they are easy to operate. The cap on some models can be locked down to enable a continuous sound output, even if the alarm is dropped on the ground.

Some produce an ultra violet tracer jet, which is only visible under an ultra violet light, to assist the police in identifying the attacker, or a repulsive odour which discourages the attacker and leaves a distinguishable smell on his skin and clothing.

Check the gas content regularly just by shaking the container. These alarms require careful storage, as they are sensitive to excessive heat or cold, causing the cylinder to rupture due to the increased pressure.

Battery/Electronic Alarms are usually smaller, easier to carry and can be attached to a belt. They also, are capable of emitting a very loud noise, but it may pulsate rather than be sustained. Some have additional features, such as a high intensity intermittent flashing light, a torchlight or are fitted with a heavy duty-battery.

The cap can be locked down to enable a continuous sound output even if the alarm is dropped on the ground. These can also be used to protect your handbag/briefcase, or guard the door to your apartment or hotel room.

Key-Ring Alarms are small and compact, able to produce a sound output in excess of 138 decibels and will sound continuously for one minute as long as the trigger remains pressed.

Medical Alarms are personal emergency alarms operated by wireless, which are monitored continuously over 24 hours. They are very small and available as bracelets, pendants, watches or key chains. These alarms allow senior citizens to live on their own, protected by the facility of obtaining a fast emergency response, just by pressing a button.

Once activated the wireless medical alarm will signal an emergency console, installed in the subscriber’s home, to contact either the medical alarm company’s response centre, or call the emergency contacts in the order arranged in the alert system. The medical alarm system will continue to dial, until an answer is obtained, or it finally dials 999 if necessary.

How to Use a Personal Alarm It is a good idea to think yourself into a terrifying situation and prepare a plan of action. As soon as you feel endangered or frightened, take the alarm in your hand, then activate the trigger and scream for help at the same time. This hopefully will surprise your attacker and give you enough time to escape.

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