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Response Alarms Provide The Ideal Solution For The Care And Support Of Elderly People

Visonic Response Alarms

Elderly people wish to continue living in their own homes and remain independent for as long as possible, however poor health often makes that difficult. 

The adult children/carers, on the other hand are anxious about leaving elderly people on their own, but sometimes the demands of caring for them can prove problematic.

Response alarms can provide a convenient solution to these problems, so at any time a carer can enjoy peace of mind by monitoring a parent or dependent’s movements and health from their own home. At the same time, the senior citizen is enabled to remain in his or her home, feeling independent yet secure.

Visonic’s AMBER Personal Alarm For Elderly People, enables friends and family, to provide senior adults with comprehensive 24/7 remote support, enhanced safety and appropriate emergency response, while maximizing their dignity, independence and convenience.

Amber is a sophisticated personal response alarm offering a broad range of health and safety options, including: automatic medication reminders, smoke, gas and flood detection, instant two-way, hands-free voice communication, remote personal contact, inactivity monitoring and telemedicine capabilities. Amber supports a wide range of service package options— from basic emergency detection, to complete well-being supervision and is completely adaptable to individual needs and capabilities.

Amber is cost-efficient, reliable wireless alarm and virtually maintenance free. It is as simple to install as a phone answering machine and updateable via phone, thus requiring no technician to visit the home.

This Visonic alarm is senior-friendly plug-and-play,can be wall-mounted or desktop type and features a large illuminated display with big, backlit buttons, a powerful speaker for incoming call reception and a sensitive microphone; it enables the selection of up to four (4) private phone numbers as emergency call numbers and can save up to three (3) speed dialling numbers for one-touch access to family and friends. The system’s portable wrist transmitters are sealed, waterproof and comfortable-to-wear.

Amber features:

Medication Reminders- Minimizes the risk of under- or overmedication. Verbal reminders prompt users to take their medications; a “check button” records compliance.

Home Safety: Smoke, Gas and Flood Detection- Averts potential tragedy by detecting potentially life-threatening situations.

Instant Two-way, Hands-free Voice Communication- Provides and maintains verbal contact during an emergency—even from a distance.

Personal Contact Option- Enables the user to call into a monitoring station where a live, caring human being provides attention and reassurance .

Inactivity Monitoring- Monitors pre-defined activities, like getting out of bed or entering the bathroom and issues an alert if they do not occur within their selected time frames, indicating a possible need for intervention.

Telemedicine Ready- Compatible with the coming generation of devices for measuring vital statistics, i.e. heart rate, blood pressure, sugar, oxygen cholesterol levels, etc.

Speed dialling- Stores up to three numbers for one-touch instant dialling to family and friends.

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