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The Swann Security Camera System Can Efficiently Monitor Your Home

Swann Security, a global leader in Security Camera Systems has announced their latest innovation:

The USB 2.0 DVR Guardian™ is a compact, portable Home Security Monitoring Solution that turns any PC or laptop, into an advanced surveillance system, capable of monitoring home, office or retail space.

The system is easily installed by simply plugging it directly into the computer’s USB port. The DVR supports up to four channels, so the user can choose to display and record live video from one to four cameras. 

With an easy to use graphical interface, the USB 2.0 DVR Guardian™ can be programmed for recording at a specified time, set for motion detection, or set up to auto e-mail a notification to the user’s e-mail account upon motion activation.

The Swann Security USB 2.0 DVR Guardian 4 Channel USB CCTV Security System is a great basis for a home security system:

  • Provides viewing and email alerts from anywhere in the world 24/7. (Requires broadband Internet connection).
  • Record up to 4 cameras on your PC’s hard drive, ideal for notebook computers.
  • Set for email alerts when motion is detected, so that you always know if there is activity.
  • This home security monitoring solution is a cost-effective replacement for a VCR tape recorder; it also provides a digitised video image, which can be viewed on your computer and manages the recorded data with an index of date and time stamping.

Use the USB 2.0 DVR Guardian™ surveillance system with your existing security cameras, or purchase additional cameras from Swann’s extensive range.

Be protected, monitor loved ones and deter thieves – be safe!

The USB 2.0 DVR Guardian™ Security Camera System has a RRP of £89.99 and is available at:

Maplin Electronics stores in the UK and online: Web: http://www.maplin.co.uk

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