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Security Software – HomeSeer… Is An Advanced Home Automation Package.

Security Software UK – HomeSeer

HomeSeer is a keenly priced, advanced home automation and remote access software package, that works with inexpensive wireless Z-Wave devices, as well as conventional power line based X-10 devices.

Security software – HomeSeer is designed to control home security, appliances, lighting, HVAC and home theatre and e-mail, all from one unified interface, using your Windows compatible computer.  

You will be able to monitor your home remotely via a computer, PDA or telephone. (A cable modem or DSL Internet connection is required.)

The HomeSeer Home Control Software Offers a Wide Range of Features:- 

  • The built-in web server allows full control of all your devices via your home network or the Internet. The server supports cascading style sheets for customisation and password secure log-in. Multiuser support for web access.
  • Touch Pad interface for use on touch screens.
  • PDA support, control your devices with your Pocket PC or PALM handheld device.
  •  If you have a MAPI compliant email client, HomeSeer can send and display your local email from a web page.
  • Supports the new Z-Wave automation technology.
  • Ability to control any X10 compatible device, including devices that support pre-set dim commands and Extended Code dimming.
  • Runs scripts created in VBScript, JScript, or Perlscript.
  • Includes Microsoft Agent. Microsoft Agents are interactive characters that can speak and be spoken to. HomeSeer can cause the Agent to speak in response to events.
  • Events can also be triggered with voice commands and HomeSeer includes the “Genie” character.
  • Device commands may be imbedded in email messages. This allows you to send an email home to turn devices on and off.
  • Views are designed to show as many devices or events as possible on your screen, giving the user instant status of devices.
  • View devices by device or by event, displaying all events related to a device, or all devices related to an event.
  • Events may be triggered by time, X10 command received, sunrise/sunset, device status change, device value change, infrared received, and various conditions like elapsed time on or off, by email, or recurring.
  • Trigger actions include, controlling X10 devices, launching applications, sending EMAIL, playing sounds, sending I/R commands, triggering other events, and speaking with or without MSAgent.
  • Built-in TV/Video game timer, which allows you to set time limits on the use of TV’s or video games. Children are given a 4-digit password that is entered on a tabletop X10 controller. HomeSeer will then turn off the TV after a pre-determined period of time has elapsed. Time may be set by the day or week.
  • Full logging of all actions either performed locally or via the web.

Computer System Requirements: Operating System:

  • Windows XP (Recommended)
  • Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 (Recommended)
  • Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6
  • Windows Millenium Edition (Not Recommended)
  • Windows 98 Second Edition
  • Windows 95 Is Not Supported
  • 300Mhz or faster processor. Slower machines will run HomeSeer if voice recognition is not used.
  • 64Mb of RAM Memory. 128Mb recommended for voice recognition.
  • 100Mb of available hard disk space.

Note: If you intend to use the NeoSpeech Voices, you will need at least a 400Mhz processor and 300Mb of disk space per voice. 256Mb of RAM Memory is recommended.


Do I have to leave my computer on at all times for HomeSeer home control software to work?

Yes. HomeSeer must be running at all times, as it is your home automation controller and uses many resources in your PC such as sound, Internet access, email, etc.

What else do I need to buy to start automating my home with HomeSeer?

You will need some Z-Wave control modules along with the Z-Wave USB computer interface before HomeSeer is able to control your lights and appliances.

Does HomeSeer include any hardware?

HomeSeer is a software package only and does not include any hardware.

19/09/05 HomeSeer Release An All New Version of its Home Automation Software.

HomeSeer Technologies have announced the release of their HomeSeer v2.0 home control software. The new program is written entirely in the Microsoft .NET framework and runs as a service under Windows XP and Windows 2000.

Multi-threaded operation ensures speedier performance and an all-new ‘Speaker App’ allows remote voice recognition and speech.

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