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Setting Up A Home Network…Planning For Home Automation, Is An Opportunity To Enjoy Being Creative With The Latest Technology.

Planning & Design for Home Automation

Setting up a home network and planning for home automation, is an opportunity to have fun and enjoy being creative with the latest technology and your options are virtually unlimited, the challenge is deciding just where to start.The various systems available can be quite simple, or be developed into a highly sophisticated network for Home Automation and Control.

Now is the time to take advantage of this 21st century’s home automation technology, to provide you with the latest time saving devices, security protection and all the benefits, which your automated ‘smart’ house can provide, namely, comfort, total security and entertainment, making the home more user friendly for the whole family, by setting up a home network. 

Research – Read everything you can find about creating a home network, in dedicated magazines, books, product descriptions of current systems and of course on the Internet, including focus groups and forums, all of which will provide excellent information and food for thought, to help you make these challenging decisions.

Home Network Solutions – What Do You Want?
Make a detailed list of your preferences.

Take plenty of time to think about the bigger picture, do you want a completely automated home, including Structured Wiring, Automated Security, Lighting Control, Heating and air conditioning, Distributed Audio, Distributed Video, Irrigation, Curtain Control, Interactive Communication, Internet and more?

Since home security is the main purpose of my site and my belief is that home automation is an exciting beneficial extension of that, I should draw your attention to my existing pages, to assist you with decisions regarding the security features when setting up a home network:-

Home Security System Review

Home Security Assessment & Checklist

Creating A Home Network. Try to anticipate your future needs, leaving room for expansion in the plan, as having to add extra wiring or power sockets later can prove costly. Think about the use of each room both now and in the future,e.g. in areas where you intend to have lots of electronic equipment, such as a media centre or a home office and plan for installation of dedicated circuits there.

Then after much careful consideration, you must decide how far you want to go NOW, depending on your lifestyle, budget and interests. You can always start with a basic level system and add more functions at any time in the future, provided at the outset you have made your design flexible enough to cope with the expansion.

As discussed in my previous article on Home Automation, your key decision is whether you prefer a system that is controlled by your personal computer(the PC does make a great automation controller), a standalone system (will require some wiring), or a composition of both.
This decision made, you can then concentrate on selecting the most suitable home control system for you and decide whether it should be wired or wireless, DIY or professionally installed and configured etc.

Don’t consider DIY, unless you already have the electrical knowledge and practical skill to cope with such a complex project.

The Next Step Armed with your carefully thought out vision and outline plan, it is now time to consult with the various specialist advisors, who can help you to refine and convert it into reality i.e. Accredited – security, heating, lighting, audio and video, communications and computer consultants.

How Much Does Creating A Home Network Cost? – The cost of home automation is determined by the size of your home, existing components such as wiring or switches and the complexity of your chosen system. Since it is now increasingly popular, prices are coming down and home automation is now more affordable and cost effective.

Depending upon your budget, why not arrange to have a free home review, advice and quotation, from one or two professional home automation installers, or if not, make sure you approach reputable consultants with experience of networks and home automation.

Setting up a home network will soon be as common as installing central heating, or any other household system and in the future, we will probably wonder how we ever managed without it.

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