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Spy Cameras, Use Them at Home for Internal or External Observation.

Spy Cameras are increasingly popular for use in the home, for internal or external surveillance to protect your property from intruders and vandals; or to check on your baby sitter, nanny or cleaner while you are out; or even when you are ON the premises, monitored from your TV.

As the name implies the spy camera is very small and hidden to catch offenders unaware, also to protect the camera from vandalism.

Covert cameras are easily incorporated into existing CCTV domestic systems; they can be hard wired or wireless spy cameras, or used as stand alone devices. Linked to your home computer, you are able to to observe the situation at home via the Internet or over telephone lines.

There is a vast range of spy cameras available including simple DIY kits, for use in most situations, at prices to suit all budgets. They are concealed in many innocent looking objects, such as toys, radios, clocks, speakers, smoke alarms. Etc and can be custom made to your requirement.

Covert cameras, can be black and white or colour, including infra red and powered by mains adaptor or battery. They are activated in the same way as normal security cameras, by PIR’s, door contacts. Etc.An audio facility is available on all covert cameras, which will pick up speech up to 20 feet away.

With a mobile receiver for pocket PCs designed for the Windows platform, you can now access and look around your home, or control home automation devices and more when on the move.

Cameras used as baby alarm monitors allow for greater flexibility and portability, and are available in colour or black and white, complete with night vision. You can choose between baby safe systems with monitors, or connect it to your TV.

Please be aware that if your cameras look onto public areas, you will need to register the system with the Data Protection Registrar.

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