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Thatcham…Is Best Known for Testing Vehicle Security Systems.

Thatcham UK

British Insurers established the Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre, or Thatcham in 1969.

A Board of Directors supplied by the 31 insurer members who finance the work, independently operate the centre. It is a not for profit organisation, their main aim being to carry out research intended to contain or reduce the cost of motor insurance claims, without prejudicing quality or safety standards.  

The Centre uses a range of accident repair equipment in the research, including a vehicle impact testing laboratory and a sled facility for non-destructive testing.

Thatcham’s also provides training courses, which are mainly for insurance engineers and repairers, however a dedicated apprentice centre for training young technicians, was opened in 2005.

In 2004 they achieved ISO9001-2000 accreditation, in recognition of their commitment to maintaining and improving quality standards.

Thatcham provide a special range of products and services for the insurance and motor repair industries, conducting research and producing data to assist in the efficient, safe and cost effective repair of motor vehicles.

They also liase with vehicle manufacturers, to improve safety and security in the design of new vehicles to help limit damage, whilst facilitating easy repair following an accident.

Thatcham is Best Known for testing vehicle security systems; also their work in testing seats for preventing whiplash.

In addition they provide around 70% of the data used by insurers to establish the insurance grouping for cars.

They are influential in improving the image of the car body repair industry and they also test and approve crash repair parts and vehicle repair technicians.

Since 2004 Thatcham has been a member of the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP), which is one of the world’s leading organisations in the promotion of vehicle safety, as well as offering invaluable advice and test results direct to consumers.

The Part of the “Thatcham Quality Policy” relating to customers states:-

  • “To provide customers with research data, standards and service that has improved performance, fitness for use, safety and reliability.
  • Set automotive industry & research standards.
  • Ensure that customers have increased satisfaction with the research, products and services of our organisation.”

Thatcham Accreditation Thatcham’s independent status and reputation for quality makes them an ideal organisation to provide accreditation.

Current legislation and the increased level of compensation claims in the UK, are a real cause for concern for firms repairing vehicles, so it is vital that they maintain quality standards.

Thatcham provides accreditation in two areas for the benefit of repairers and insurers:–

Technician Accreditation – To enable customers and work providers to identify companies with a properly qualified workforce.

Parts Accreditation – To assist insurers and repairers to take advantage of lower cost parts, without compromising safety or quality standards.

Car Security Systems There is a wide choice of vehicle security devices available, alarm systems, steering wheel locks, immobilisers Etc. So why not look out for those that are Thatcham Approved in the light of the above information?

Visit their web site at:-


And check out the research results and assistance provided there, for choosing a vehicle that is designed to be both safe and secure.

The 2005 British Insurance Car Security Awards took place on the 29th June at Thatcham.

“The awards recognise those manufacturers producing the most secure cars and help raise consumer awareness of what is best in vehicle security.”

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