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The Touchscreen Remote Control, HAI Omnitouch…Offers Efficient And Convenient Home Control.

All HAI Omni home control systems require at least one Omni Console.

For example:-

Touchscreen Remote Control/HAI Omnitouch The new colour “plug and play” touchscreen remote control, can be installed with either Omni family, or Lumina family home control systems and facilitates graphical control of security, HVAC, lighting and other home control functions by means of easily recognised icons. 

The Omnitouch Touchscreen Monitor With Video has all of the features of the OmniTouch, plus the ability to view digital colour video from up to 6 cameras.

It is ideal for checking on callers at the front door, or the swimming pool, garage, or nursery. You simply touch the Video icon and select one of the six cameras for display. It automatically displays the front door camera when the doorbell rings and the pool camera if motion is detected in that area.

Also, pressing and holding the camera selection button next to the video image can release the door lock to let your visitor in.

To view the video on the touchscreen monitor you must also have an HAI Touchscreen Hub and Power Supply and an HAI Video Encoder.

The touchscreen controllers may be purchased bundled with the hub and power supply or can be added later.

When connected to an HAI OmniPro II or Lumina Pro home control system, the touchscreen remote control may be interfaced with Russound and NuVo audio distribution systems.

A number of other OmniTouch With Video accessories are available from HAI.

The Omni Remote Control Console This Omni console has large buttons, a cool blue backlight and a thin profile.

Omni Remote Control Console With Speaker/Microphone. The speaker and microphone facility requires the installation of a Two-Way Voice Module in your Omni family home control system.

The microphone may be used to listen inside your home while onsite or remotely via telephone. The speaker/microphone enables you to broadcast messages in the home, based upon system programming, or to communicate with someone elsewhere in the house.

HAI also offers a Flush Mount kit for both remote control consoles, providing a painted back box that mounts in the wall; the console is then mounted in the box providing a professional, built-in look.


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