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Web Cam Intelligent Software… A Complete Control Solution for Home Web Cam Security.

Intelligent Web Cam Software UK

Intelligent Web Cam Software offers a complete control solution for web cam home security, including remote video surveillance and broadcasting. It monitors your home 24 hours a day, captures motion events with audio, saves them into compressed video clips and triggers various alerts, including ftp upload, email, or your phone.

Remote View is an additional feature that can connect to the web cam security software via a telephone line (modem), or Internet (TCP/IP). It enables you to access remote video surveillance of your home from anywhere in the world, using real time video/audio streaming.

Typical features of intelligent web cam security software include :-

  • Three features are combined seamlessly – motion monitoring, remote video surveillance and web cam broadcasting.
  • Standard web cam software only captures images at certain intervals, while intelligent software captures true video clips up to 640×480 frame size and allows audio capturing.
  • Events are completely logged from the triggering event, before the motion detection. Most surveillance software starts logging after motion is detected and fails to log the triggering event, which occurs in the first few seconds.
  • The video log files produced are compressed to less than 1% of original size, without prejudice to quality.
  • You can access the video log files remotely and be informed of any event occcurring in your home instantly.
  • The advanced motion detection algorithm allows you to set sensitivity, duration of capturing and other options.
  • A comprehensive list of alert functions is provided for your home security, such as ftp upload alert, email alert, or dial your phone. It can also be configured to deter an intruder, by playing a wave file warning when motion is detected, or launch another program of your choice.
  • You can view real time streamed video/audio from your web cam whenever and wherever you are, via a phone line or the Internet.
  • Save the streamed video onto your hard disk.
  • A broadcasting capability, allows you to broadcast the images captured from your web cam onto the Internet, simultaneously while monitoring.
  • Operate the system in hidden mode with password protection, or stealth mode, i.e., totally invisible.
  • Easily configured into an inexpensive multi-web cam security solution.
  • Provides auto-start options i.e. automatically start recording, monitoring, listening or broadcasting.
  • Able to schedule the program to run for your pre set time and duration.
  • Can be run as an NT Service.

Intelligent web cam software is extremely easy to use, very stable and has a comprehensive user interface, which can satisfy all your video surveillance needs.

The Web Cam Software/Incontrol…Offers A Complete Control Solution For Home Security.

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