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Wheel Clamps UK… Can Prevent Vehicle Theft and Deter Illegal Parking.

Wheel Clamps UK

Wheel clamps can prevent vehicle theft and deter illegal parking. They are suitable for securing / immobilising cars, vans, caravans, motor-homes, trailers, motorcycles and scooters. They can also be used to protect cars displayed on garage forecourts.

When fitted and locked over the tyre, the clamping device prevents the car from being driven away.

Before you buy wheel clamps, make sure you select the correct size for your vehicle, as a poor fit may reduce its effectiveness.

There is a wide choice of reasonably priced wheel clamps available, from light to heavy-duty versions, in a variety of sizes to fit most vehicles.

Some have integral locks for ease of use, while others require shackles and padlocks.

Types of Wheel Clamps UK

Standard Wheel Clamp Ideal for cars, estates and small vans. Usually supplied with an integral keyed lock.

E.g. 1) Bulldog CC Autoclamp for Caravans and Cars. This fully adjustable lightweight wheel clamp, features case hardened fully adjustable top arms and a rubber covered steel disc to protect the wheel nuts.

E.g. 2) Wheelok Eezi-Fit Car Wheel Clamp. Fits in four easy steps. Ideal for cars, estates and small vans. To fit wheel rims up to 330mm. Supplied with integral keyed lock. Weighs 14kg.

Heavy-Duty Wheel Clamp Use on transit vans, 4 x 4s, or as a trailer wheel clamp – covers the entire wheel. Locked with a heavy-duty padlock (supplied). Suitable as a security device for cars on garage forecourts.

E.g. Bulldog CA2000C Commercial Centaur Wheel Clamp – An adjustable heavy weight wheel clamp, easily fitted and complete with Bulldog’s unique Locking Bolt mechanism.

HGV Wheel Clamp Fits lorries and heavy plant vehicles. Locked with a heavy-duty padlock (supplied). For extra security, the padlock shackle fits into tamper proof housing.

Easy to fit and virtually impossible to remove without the key. Constructed from steel, for greater security and durability.

E.g. Wheelok HGV LOKCHOK “Clamp in the Cab” Weight 30kg.
Small enough to be carried in the cab of an HGV for overnight parking. Padlock type. High Security is achieved with swivelling rear chock arms, which fit into the rear well of the wheel.

Wheel Clamps can also be used to prevent illegal parking on private land. However warning signs must be prominently displayed.

Always look for the”Sold Secure” or “Thatcham” logos for quality assurance. 

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