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Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems Open Up New Possibilities

Wireless burglar alarm systems open up new possibilities, reducing installation times where wired systems would be complicated to set up or unsuitable.

Wireless home security alarms are increasingly popular with professional installers and consumers, as they have become aware of the various applications and advantages this type of system can offer, compared to the wired equivalent.

Wireless burglar alarm systems are versatile allowing battery powered detectors to be installed in homes, either internal or external as required and also extend to portable panic alarms.

This type of wireless alarm system is appropriate for use in rented accommodation, where landlords may refuse to allow you to make any alterations; they can be also be taken with you when you move home.

A comprehensive choice of wireless burglar alarms are now available, suitable for all budgets and geared to large or small dwellings. For example:

Elite Security Products supply the remarkable professional installer grade, Infinite wire-free burglar alarm system, with GSM and home automation capability, plus a comprehensive range of PIR intruder alarm detectors.

Secure transmission methods, long battery life and superbly designed detection accessories, enable the installation of Infinite to be trouble free and more importantly wire free!

The Infinite Wireless home security alarm is easily expandable by a series of plug-in modules, so that users can enjoy the full benefits of the system, including some home automation.

Elite Security offers a choice of infinite® or infinite® prime:

A typical Infinite wireless alarm starting kit includes: an Infinite Control Panel, 2 x PIR Motion Detectors, 1 x Magnetic Switch, 1 x MFB Multi-function Key-fob and 1 x Wireless External Sounder.

The infinite prime in our picture, provides all the functionality of infinite, plus some useful additional capabilities including,dialler, Integral PSTN communicator, Speech Dialler, Digicom functions and Remote set/unset using a standard phone.

The system is suitable for use with the Home Manager alarm monitoring service, which alerts up to 6 contacts, by telephone to landlines and mobile phone text message upon an alarm activation. See our Article About Intamac Home Manager.

Retail price around £299.

Tel: (0121) 7898 111

The Infinite Prime Burglar Alarm System

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