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Wireless Burglar Alarms are the Latest Technology

Tell me more about wireless burglar alarms. 

Wireless burglar alarms are the latest technology and open up new possibilities, reducing installation times where wired systems would be complicated to set up or unsuitable.

During the past five years wireless home security alarms have proved to be increasingly popular with professional installers and consumers, as they have become aware of the various applications and advantages this type of system can offer, compared to the wired equivalent.   Wireless intruder alarms prove to be versatile in allowing battery powered detectors to be installed in homes, either internal or external as required, also extending to portable panic alarms.

Wireless burglar alarms are appropriate for use in rented accommodation where landlords may refuse to allow you to make any alterations. They can also be taken with you when you move home. The flexibility and ease of installation of this type of alarm will ensure it will increasingly be in demand.

The only wireless home security alarm that conforms both to British Standards and the ACPO Intruder Alarm Policy is a BS 6799 Class VI alarm. This type is typically more expensive than hard-wired intruder alarms.

A multi-zone control panel based wireless burglar alarm, combines the latest zoning abilities with totally wire-free operation. This ultra-modern control panel means you also get flexible operation, including the ability to exit through other doors, and a dedicated chime zone, a great feature for protecting doors, garages and sheds at night.

Twin sirens are fitted to an external solar guard and provide a built-in siren on the control panel, which also features entry/exit warning  beeps and a useful audible test  mode for checking detectors. A smoke detector may also be added to your wireless burglar alarm.

Comprehensive ranges of DIY wireless burglar alarms are now available, suitable for all budgets and geared to large or small dwellings. 

A typical DIY wireless intruder alarm system would include:-

  • Wire free Door/Window contacts, additional contacts can be added as necessary.
  • PIR (passive infrared) motion detectors, pet sensitive if required and you can add as many as you like.
  • Convenient hand held remote control.
  • 7 Zone Control Panel with battery back up.
  • Solar power keeps the bellbox battery charged for up to 3 years.
  • All batteries.
  • Fully upgradeable.

However, remember that imperfectly fitted burglar alarms can create problems. Don’t install a DIY intruder alarm unless you have the electrical knowledge and practical skill to do so.

If you are confused by all the choices, I recommend that you arrange to have a free home security review and quotation from several reputable professional burglar alarm companies, before making a decision.

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