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X10 Modules and Switches…Automate Different Devices – From Basic Lamp Units To Household Appliances.

X10 Modules With X10 Home Automation Modules you can control almost any light or appliance in your home by remote control. From lamps and stereo systems to sprinkler systems and garage door openers, it’s all possible with X10 Modules.

Various manufacturers supply a wide range of X10 modules to automate different devices, from control of basic lamp units to more specialised types that control appliances. 

The simple X10 device just turn things on and off, while the specialist units operate additional functions such as dimming lamps, dealing with noise on the power line, (which can interfere with the signal), or have a two way capability, which enables them to confirm the command action back to the controller.

The following is a summary of X10 modules available to you and their uses:-

Lamp Modules are the most common and they just plug into any standard AC outlet between the lamp and the bulb.(incandescent bulbs only).
They function on receiving On/Off commands from the house and unit codes you programmed on the module; or on receipt of instructions from your home controller for – All On/All Off, which turns On or Off all the X10 automated lights in the house.

Some modules also respond to dim and brighten commands so that on occasion you can set a particular mood.

The two-way version of the X10 lamp module has a “soft-start” feature. When an X10 signal is sent, the module will fade the lamp up from the ‘off’ setting. The fade up or down takes about two seconds. Ordinary lamp modules always come on at full brightness.

Another new feature is that the two way module remembers it’s last dimmed setting.

Appliance X10 Modules provide for control of household equipment, which requires higher power voltages such as kettles, water heaters or air conditioners etc. They also permit connection to fluorescent or halogen lamps.These modules don’t have an ‘All On’ capability for safety reasons, however they do usually have an ‘All Off’ response.

Universal X10 Modules are special appliance modules for the control of home electrical or electronic devices that are operated by a remote switch (relay), such as curtain or blind controls, garage door openers or sprinkler systems. These modules can be set to momentary or continuous relay closure, to suit the particular device control required.

The Transceiver Module allows you to remotely control any household appliance or light that is plugged into an Appliance, Lamp Module or Wall Switch Module. Simply plug the transceiver into any wall socket, then using your remote controller, you can control your lamps and appliances from across the room – or at the other end of the house.

X10 Wall Switches which are less visible, can be installed by your electrician and provide dual control of hard wired lights, heaters and other devices, i.e. X10 or your manual control.

Two-way X10 switches are recommended for this function, so that your home controller is updated if you manually change the switch from On to Off or vice versa.

More Features Of X10 Switches.

  • High voltage equipment such as hot-tubs, swimming pool pumps and air conditioners require special heavy duty switches.
  • Halogen track lighting and ceiling fans need an ‘inductive’ switch, designed to control dimming and brightening of low voltage lighting and fan speeds.
  • Where a light is controlled by more than one switch, ‘three way master and slave switches’, which are able to communicate with each other, are required, so that they can update the status of the light.
  • X10 Switches with dim/brighten functions only work with incandescent lights-not with fluorescent types.

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